Jane's Realty

Jane's Realty

Help Jane to run her Reality business and sell houses

A great simulation of building houses and realty business. Jane´s realty will entertain you with a great action game where the main objective is to buy land, built houses and rent them taking care of the neighbor to have a productive place and society. The main screen allows you to start game, check design, to set options, check help, see high scores and exit game. The main goal is to built houses water towers and electric building to start a community. You must built houses and rent them to earn money and start growing your business. This game is very easy to play, all you need is your mouse, move your mouse over your objective and press left button to select, move your mouse again to place the object in the place you want. Your selection will make your business grow, to buy other lands and to have more places and new houses. Each level of the game has a different goal, you must reach that goal before time is up. You must keep your costumers happy, you can give them gifts and with their heart happy they will pay to you soon, if you buy decoration for your houses the rent will be higher.

Birgilio Rivera
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